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Do You Really Want to be a Partner In THAT Firm?

26 September 2018

While climbing the ladder to partnership in your current firm is often the default method of promotion, sometimes an opportunity arises to accept a partnership in a new firm. And although the temptation is to leap at partnership whenever, and wherever, it’s offered, sometimes that isn’t a wise choice for your long term prosperity.  In…

I Hate Being a Lawyer – is it me, my firm, or the law generally?

19 September 2018

It won’t come as a shock to anyone that lots of lawyers end up hating their jobs. Sad lawyers aren’t hard to find – maybe you’ve met one, maybe you’ve read about one, and maybe you’re becoming one. If that’s you, then wallowing in your dissatisfaction isn’t likely to help. To begin approaching a solution,…

Why Aren’t I Partner Yet and What Can I Do About It?

12 September 2018

Despite the long list of alternatives to the traditional partnership path (another blog topic itself), many lawyers in private practice still desire to make partner at some point in their career. As the practise of law becomes more commercially competitive, and the number of lawyers striving for the corner office steadily increases, one question comes…

Is it Time to move In-House?

13 August 2018

For many lawyers we meet and speak to, a move in-house as legal counsel or general counsel is seen as the holy grail and the ultimate career goal. And with good reason – in-house positions offer a number of benefits and changes that many lawyers find an attractive proposition. Of course, sometimes there are unexpected…

2018 Legal Salary Survey: The Results Are In!

11 June 2018

Really excited to be presenting the results of our inaugural legal salary survey with the Queensland Young Lawyers. Event is this Thursday 14 June, at 6pm at the College of Law. Come along and get to “know your worth”! Tickets are only $10 for QYL members and $15 for non-members, with drinks and food provided….

QLD Legal Salary Survey – 2018

8 May 2018

Peppercorn Recruitment and the Queensland Young Lawyers are pleased and excited to launch our first comprehensive salary survey for lawyers in Queensland. The survey will provide you as a lawyer the opportunity to benchmark your current remuneration package against that of the rest of the market. It is confidential, simple to complete and free to…

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