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We understand the intricacies, demands and challenges of the legal, risk and compliance industries and this, combined with our extensive networks, ensure we match the best candidates for the right job.

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We bring together the expertise, a track record of success and have an unparalleled knowledge of the profession which connects you with the best talent or opportunities.

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Legal Recruitment Consultants Brisbane

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Peppercorn Recruitment is a partnership between two of Brisbane’s most experienced legal recruiters, and you. Our Partners each have over a decade of experience. Our job is to make our clients and candidates stand out from the rest.

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Our Recent Placements

From local, national and international law firms, to corporate and government clients – we’ve placed lawyers at all levels locally, interstate and abroad.

Our Track Record

Peppercorn Recruitment understands our business and without exception has delivered outstanding and ‘fit for purpose’ candidates for our consideration. It is a comfort knowing the Partners of Peppercorn Recruitment have a legal background and we think this assists their ability to recommend the best candidates.

General Counsel, National Not-For-Profit Organisation

Peter and Ross have the industry know-how to not only meet, but exceed my expectations. They deliver time and time again the highest calibre candidates, ticking all the boxes. I can trust that when they say they have found someone, I won’t be disappointed. Their straight shooting, no nonsense approach is why I will continue to rely on Peppercorn Recruitment.

Human Resources Director, National Law Firm

Peppercorn Recruitment take a considered and professional approach to servicing our legal recruitment briefs and demonstrate an exceptional understanding of the legal market.  Our professional relationship continues to strengthen and I would highly recommend Peppercorn Recruitment in the provision of legal recruitment services.

Human Resources Manager, International Law Firm

I was very impressed with the service and advice I received from Peter at Peppercorn. I was looking to move from the public sector into private practice and Peter was willing to explore ways to promote my skills and experience in a new job market. Other recruiters were not as open to what I could offer private firms. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to explore the next stage in their career.

Senior Employment Lawyer, Top Tier Law Firm

Peter has placed me in my last two positions. Peter has given me invaluable long term career guidance throughout my career. With Peter’s knowledge of the legal industry, Peter has given me guidance on strategic career moves with a position to specialise in a new area and then recently a new role to advance my position to higher levels. I highly recommend Peter to give trusted career advice.

Senior Associate, Property, National Law Firm

Due to his relationship with one of the leading law firms in Brisbane, Ross was able to place me in a role that was created for me.  Ross identified the group, in which I now work, was lacking a particular skill set, which I could bring.  My new employer agreed.   It is the best career move I have made.

Partner, Property, National Law Firm

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8 November 2018

Conventional wisdom says that lawyers who want big salaries should strive to get to a large law firm as soon as possible. But is that really the right approach, and is it even based on the correct information? We’re going to run through a few factors to consider when it comes to legal salaries, and…

I Want to Take My Practice To Another Firm – How do I Find an Opportunity?

24 October 2018

If you had a budding legal practice that you wanted to take with you to a new firm, would you know where to look for willing new partners? Many senior associates and junior partners have a lingering feeling that they might be waiting a long time for that invitation to apply for partnership or claim…

4 good reasons to move jobs before Xmas…

18 October 2018

Given that the Melbourne Cup is just around the corner and Christmas decorations have been up in stores now for months, a lot of lawyers we speak to assume there’s no point in looking for a job until the new year. Well, it’s time to dispel that myth! Now is perhaps the best time for…

Problems, Politics and People in your Legal Career (and how to deal with them)

11 October 2018

On a nearly daily basis, we spend time with young lawyers who simply don’t like their jobs. As we talk with them, often this isn’t to do with their legal career as much as it is to do with their particular job. What we’ve found is not only that many of the negative experiences are…

Do You Really Want to be a Partner In THAT Firm?

26 September 2018

While climbing the ladder to partnership in your current firm is often the default method of promotion, sometimes an opportunity arises to accept a partnership in a new firm. And although the temptation is to leap at partnership whenever, and wherever, it’s offered, sometimes that isn’t a wise choice for your long term prosperity.  In…

I Hate Being a Lawyer – is it me, my firm, or the law generally?

19 September 2018

It won’t come as a shock to anyone that lots of lawyers end up hating their jobs. Sad lawyers aren’t hard to find – maybe you’ve met one, maybe you’ve read about one, and maybe you’re becoming one. If that’s you, then wallowing in your dissatisfaction isn’t likely to help. To begin approaching a solution,…

Why Aren’t I Partner Yet and What Can I Do About It?

12 September 2018

Despite the long list of alternatives to the traditional partnership path (another blog topic itself), many lawyers in private practice still desire to make partner at some point in their career. As the practise of law becomes more commercially competitive, and the number of lawyers striving for the corner office steadily increases, one question comes…

Is it Time to move In-House?

13 August 2018

For many lawyers we meet and speak to, a move in-house as legal counsel or general counsel is seen as the holy grail and the ultimate career goal. And with good reason – in-house positions offer a number of benefits and changes that many lawyers find an attractive proposition. Of course, sometimes there are unexpected…

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