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QLD Legal Salary Survey 2021

Salary and careers guide 2021

Not surprisingly, the most common question that lawyers have in their careers is this: how much should I be getting paid as a lawyer? To help Queensland lawyers answer that question (and many more!), we’ve created the 2021 Queensland Legal Salary survey.

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How Much Should Queensland Lawyers Get Paid?

Whether you’re hunting for a new job, or just looking to be well informed in time for mid-year reviews, knowing what the market says about how much your firm should be paying you is a critical piece of information.

But it’s not always as simple as asking “how much should a 3 year post admission lawyer get paid”.

There are many more factors to throw into the mix.

A third year lawyer in a top-tier firm in Sydney isn’t necessarily going to be paid the same as a third year lawyer in a small firm in central Queensland.

For that reason, trying to rely on interstate data and then wave a magic wand to come up with Queensland relevant figures isn’t going to work.

We’ve gone straight to the Queensland market, and have produced the only Queensland focused legal salary survey that exists.

A Legal Salary Survey Needs Reliable Sources, Reliable Data

To ensure that YOU can trust the data in our legal salary survey we teamed up with Queensland Young Lawyers to put together the survey itself, compile the data and produce relevant and important information for your legal career.

If you couldn’t trust the data in our salary report to be accurate, then we wouldn’t be putting our name on it.

Salary Surveys Aren’t Just About Money

While salary might seem like the biggest question to ask, it’s not the only question.

Working conditions, area of law, size of firm, location of your work, flexible working hours and many more factors are increasingly relevant when you’re trying to figure out your next career opportunity.

So, our salary survey report tells you not just about the dollars and cents, but also about what you can expect work to be like.

Is getting a bonus normal, or not? Is parental leave on offer everywhere, or are some firms going above and beyond? Should you expect to be able to work from home?

These additional questions form important parts of the decision making process, and so our legal salary survey report includes that information and more, to help you understand what the legal market has to offer, and whether or not your current employer is delivering on the things that matter most to you.

Track Historical Data

While it’s great to have up to date information, and our 2021 legal salary survey report will give that to you, sometimes you might want to check what the trends are and what’s come before.

If you’re interested, you can download our 2020, 2019 and 2018 legal salary survey report by clicking the relevant year.

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