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Dealing with Subjective and Objective Promotion Criteria

At some point in their career, almost every lawyer is going to be looking at career advancement. While many firms have documented criteria associated with obtaining the next level of seniority, the actual criteria by which a firm makes a…

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FOMO for Lawyers – The 5 Most Common Benefits You Might Not Be Getting

FOMO: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media After the questions about salary, many lawyers are interested in finding out what else is “out there”. This might…

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Is Staying for the Team a Good Career Move?

As we crunch the data on the 2019 legal salary survey, one of the many interesting bits of information we’ve found is this: while money is a strong motivator to leave a firm, the motivation for staying usually isn’t the…

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Beware the Counter-Offer

You’ve finally done it! After lots of consideration and contemplation, you’ve decided that your current firm isn’t right for you. A great CV, multiple interviews and a bunch of secret phone calls later, you say “yes” to a new opportunity.…

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My Boss is Moving Firms – Should I Go with Them?

Everything’s going just fine – you turn up to work each day, knowing that Bruce will be on your left and Jane will be on your right. You settle down with a strong coffee to start your day of paperwork,…

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Should You Take Staff With You if You Move Firms?

You’re a senior lawyer responsible for a team of staff. That might include some support, some other lawyers, and some law clerks. You’ve found a great opportunity at another firm, and they’ve given you the option to bring some or…