Does “Boutique Firm” Just Mean “Small”?

21 January 2019

If you’re hunting for a new job, you’ll see that firms use a variety of different terms to describe themselves. Common at the larger end of town are words like national, international and top-tier. But if you’re convinced that biglaw life isn’t for you, then you’re going to come across the word “boutique” a lot….

Senior Associate in a Big Firm, or Partner in a Small Firm?

8 January 2019

With the inevitable bottleneck of senior associates that can happen at larger firms, many senior lawyers at some point will think: why not just try to find a Principal/Partner position at a smaller firm? Perhaps that might offer a significantly greater degree of satisfaction. But perhaps it won’t. Let’s consider things that might need to…

How Scrooge Can Help your Legal Career Over Christmas

21 December 2018

The vast majority of lawyers, young or old, are going to spend their Christmas holidays just enjoying the fact that they aren’t at work. A few beers or glasses of wine, a dose of the standard family (dis)functions and some time to do 1 or 2 of those household jobs that have stacked up in…

How can you Move Into a New Practice Area, and When Should you Do It?

7 December 2018

Getting a graduate job as a lawyer is a challenge in the first place. And if you’re fortunate enough to get a decent job, the chances are slim that it’s going to be exactly in the legal area that you’ve dreamt about since Intro to Law 101. There are two main reasons for this: Most…

Why is There a Bottleneck of Senior Associates?

22 November 2018

It’s frustrating being stuck in the limbo of non-promotion. You’ve put in the hours, the hard work, and the time at your firm, but it seems like there are simply too many other senior lawyers who have been there just as long, or longer, for you to have any hope of partnership in the near…

Does Size Really Matter… if you Want a Higher Salary?

8 November 2018

Conventional wisdom says that lawyers who want big salaries should strive to get to a large law firm as soon as possible. But is that really the right approach, and is it even based on the correct information? We’re going to run through a few factors to consider when it comes to legal salaries, and…

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