Is Staying for the Team a Good Career Move?

28 April 2019

As we crunch the data on the 2019 legal salary survey, one of the many interesting bits of information we’ve found is this: while money is a strong motivator to leave a firm, the motivation for staying usually isn’t the salary package. It’s the people. But is it really good for your career to hang…

My Boss is Moving Firms – Should I Go with Them?

25 February 2019

Everything’s going just fine – you turn up to work each day, knowing that Bruce will be on your left and Jane will be on your right. You settle down with a strong coffee to start your day of paperwork, research, telephone calls and meetings. And then your supervising partner calls you in, closes the…

Should You Take Staff With You if You Move Firms?

14 February 2019

You’re a senior lawyer responsible for a team of staff. That might include some support, some other lawyers, and some law clerks. You’ve found a great opportunity at another firm, and they’ve given you the option to bring some or all of your team along with you. The question is: should you? Start with the…

Does “Boutique Firm” Just Mean “Small”?

21 January 2019

If you’re hunting for a new job, you’ll see that firms use a variety of different terms to describe themselves. Common at the larger end of town are words like national, international and top-tier. But if you’re convinced that biglaw life isn’t for you, then you’re going to come across the word “boutique” a lot….

Senior Associate in a Big Firm, or Partner in a Small Firm?

8 January 2019

With the inevitable bottleneck of senior associates that can happen at larger firms, many senior lawyers at some point will think: why not just try to find a Principal/Partner position at a smaller firm? Perhaps that might offer a significantly greater degree of satisfaction. But perhaps it won’t. Let’s consider things that might need to…

How Scrooge Can Help your Legal Career Over Christmas

21 December 2018

The vast majority of lawyers, young or old, are going to spend their Christmas holidays just enjoying the fact that they aren’t at work. A few beers or glasses of wine, a dose of the standard family (dis)functions and some time to do 1 or 2 of those household jobs that have stacked up in…