My Firm has Me Trapped in X, and I Want to do Y

3 September 2019

What should I do? In the current legal climate, graduate lawyers for the first few years are usually just thankful that they have a job at all. For that reason, being fussy about the precise practice area they have landed in usually doesn’t become a serious factor to worry about for a while. But eventually,…

Looking for a Less Traditional Legal Career Path?

30 July 2019

If we’re honest, most of your law degree is geared towards setting you up in a private practice career of some kind. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re completely stuck in a traditional legal role if you decide along the way that it’s not for you. The soft skills you have developed along the way…

How to Assess if Partnership at Another Firm is a Good Fit

18 July 2019

  “Better the devil you know”. This is often the mindset when it comes to partnership promotions. After all, if you’ve been in a firm for a while and are looking at applying for partnership then you probably have a good feel for the firm. You already know who holds the power and who doesn’t,…

4 Ways to Build Better Relationships at the Office

27 June 2019

As we recently pointed out, the extent and quality of your relationships at the office is most likely going to be a major factor in any promotion decisions that need to be made. Beyond that, it’s also going to have a major impact on your career satisfaction. After all, who wants to turn up to…

Dealing with Subjective and Objective Promotion Criteria

21 June 2019

At some point in their career, almost every lawyer is going to be looking at career advancement. While many firms have documented criteria associated with obtaining the next level of seniority, the actual criteria by which a firm makes a promotion decision can seem to be a little opaque. And, if you look around, it…

FOMO for Lawyers – The 5 Most Common Benefits You Might Not Be Getting

29 May 2019

FOMO: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media After the questions about salary, many lawyers are interested in finding out what else is “out there”. This might be because you’ve only worked at one firm and wonder if things are the same…